Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts?

What are car motor mounts?

Car engine mounts or engine sittings are pieces of devices that enable a car engine to sit balanced and comfortably in the engine compartment. It holds the engine in position so it doesn’t shake or vibrate unnecessarily while driving the car.

Engine mounts are made of rubber, metal, or liquid parts depending on the design. They function mainly to keep the engine in place and keep it from vibrating too much while the car is moving. 

When they don’t work, people around may wonder what may be wrong with your car. You may be able to drive with the bad motor mounts, but how long can you go with that? What are the implications? So, it’s safe to say you can’t drive with bad motor mounts—at least beginning from the point you know one or more of your motor mounts have become bad.

Motor mounts can keep the engine from moving when you drive. They hold the whole machine in place, absorbing vibrations. Props for the motor are essential because they support and protect the entire engine. Motor mounts are necessary for the safety and performance of your car. When they don’t work well, they can hurt your vehicle. 

Signs and Symptoms of One or More Bad Motor Mounts

You may see a motor mounts as small parts but they are extremely important—not just to the engine to other components within the engine compartment and the car in general.

Let’s take a close look at the signs and symptoms of one or more bad motor mounts in a vehicle.

Engine misalignment

The engine mount is designed to keep your car’s engine in position. It is designed such that all sides of the engine have the same high and sit balanced. The moment you begin to notice that one or two sides of your engine tilt downward than other sides then you should begin to save for a new or a set of engine mounts. Engine misalignment is a problem that can be checked visually and doesn’t require any form of technical experience to detect it. You can easily decide to check your engine positioning right now if you suspect that your engine mounts are becoming bad.

Engine movement

Engine movement is another symptom of bad motor mounts. When the engine mounts are in good shape, they will keep the engine in place within the engine bay.

On the other hand, the engine will move forward or backward within the engine compartment if the engine sittings are bad, especially when driving up- or down-hill.

Rattling noise from the engine

When you drive with one or more bad motor mounts, there will be loud noises, which continues significantly when you speed up. It’s a sign that the engine isn’t being held in place by the motor mounts or engine sitting, which may be breaking down.

If the engine vibrates or shakes around in the frame, rattling and knocking noises will be produced. Though other things could be making this noise, you should check your motor mount. Always keep in mind that the most common sign of bad motor mounts is making noises when the car begins to move.

Engine damage

When two or more of the engine mounts fail, they can cause damage to the engine. The engine will be able to move around if the mounts aren’t there, which could cause it to break. The machine can be put at a weird angle when a motor mount doesn’t work. It can also affect other parts.

Bad engine belt and engine hoses

Bad motor mounts can cause more damages to other engine components including drive belts and radiator hoses. This nature of damage usually occurs if the damaged engine sittings are still engaged excessively.

Other components within the engine compartment that may be affected include the water pump and power steering. You don’t have to wait and experience such damage on your vehicle before taking it in to be fixed.

Once you can establish that your engine sittings may be faulty, visit a maintenance shop closer to you for identification and change of the bad engine mounts.

Excessive vibration

Excessive vibration of a car is another symptom of bad engine sittings. If the rubber parts of the car engine mounts are broken, it will make it less stable and able to absorb vibration. As a result, the whole car will shake, causing the passengers to feel uncomfortable.

The driver can literally feel the vibration on the steering.

Aside from being annoying to hear, vibrations can also spread to other engine parts and cause them to wear down quite fast. In the long run, your motor mounts will get worse.

Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts

Why Do Motor Mounts Become Bad?

The following are some of the most common reasons why motor mounts get bad.

Car Accidents

A car accident is one of the most common causes of motor mounts tearing and becoming unsuitable for continuous usage. Accidents that impact the chassis can easily break, tear or weaken the engine mounts’ connection to the engine.

Defective engine mounts

If planning to change your engine mounts, you should check that you are buying a set of new engine mounts for your vehicle. In a situation where you can’t readily find a new one, make sure you physically inspect the used one that you’ve got before asking the mechanic to install it for you. Even when it’s sold as new, you should be able to check that it’s new indeed and it’s not worn or defective. You should also try to find out if the engine mounts sold to you have not been recalled.


No one thing is designed to last forever. Even if you drive on the best of roads, components would still wear and tear over time. The metal parts of the engine mounts may still be okay but the rubber parts may become dry and begin to crack. From there, the fluid trapped within may begin to leak out.

Oil leaks

Oil leaks onto the engine sittings have the potential of compromising the effectiveness of the engine mounts, especially the rubberized parts. If you observe an oil leak in any area within the engine compartment, visit your mechanic immediately and fix the issue. Make sure the leak is clean off from every part it dropped.

Lack of Regular Checks

Getting your motor mounts and engine checked by a mechanic or yourself from time to time can help you to know when the unit may be getting bad. Early detection and changing of a bad motor mount can save others from becoming bad.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is also one of the most common causes of engine mounts going bad. Even though the engine mounts are designed to absorb shocks, reckless driving can be too much for it and may eventually result in the unit tearing and wearing out so fast. 

Driving on a bumpy road, applying the brakes too quickly, or accelerating too soon can impact the engine mounts negatively.

Poor installation of the unit

Motor mounts should be installed by a car mechanic who knows how to do it right. If they aren’t put in the right place and angle, they’ll begin to wear out pretty fast.

Can You Fix Motor Mounts at Home?

Some people try to fix things on their own to save money. There are a lot of tutorials on how to fix motor mounts at home with simple mechanical tools. 

However, it’s best to let a professional do the job for you if you aren’t very good at it. It may be risky trying to change your motor mounts at home because you may not have the required tools. 

You may not be happy if you end up causing more damages or fixing the unit wrongly. 

You should budget between $200 to $800 dollars to fix your motor mount problems. The estimated amount here may depend on factors such as how accessible the part may be to get it in your area, the model of your car, and labor cost.

Can You Drive With Bad Motor Mounts?

It’s best to stop driving your car and then attend to your engine mount problems the moment you begin to notice them. Continuously using a car with broken motor mounts can cause more damages to other components within the engine compartment.

The general rule with car maintenance is that once you notice that a part or component is malfunctioning, fix it immediately to avoid another problem as a result of the first one.

Signs and symptoms of one or more bad engine mounts include rattling noise, engine misalignment, engine movement, excessive noise, excessive vibrations, and bad engine belt and/or engine hoses.

You must always be ready to attend to your car problems once they arise. This way, they don’t create more problems that may end up making things worse.

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